something old, something new

So, there’s this new little site called Pinterest. Have you heard of it?

Although its likely a silly question, I promise I’ll invite you if you’re not a member. The advent of what is now the third-largest social media blew my mind. I’m not even kidding. I think I love Pinterest (and the ‘Pin It’ button now prominently displayed on my browser’s toolbar).I’ve slowed down on my usage since I was “invited” to participate but only because I want to spend all of my spare time creating some of these wicked-awesome DIY pins I’ve discovered and subsequently, re-pinned.

I have taken on some projects, honestly. I just need to get some photos taken (and posted).

I’m honestly super-proud of myself for getting out of the ‘I wish that my house could be a Pottery Barn catalog’ and embracing the ‘I can make my house my own by stealing other people’s ideas going out and finding old things and making them new’ mentality. It’s an exciting new venture that could show how absolutely un-talented I am, but at the very least, it’s fun, cheaper (sometimes) and it requires me to stretch myself by asking questions at home improvement stores (and likely looking like an idiot).

Oh, and there are power tools involved. What chick doesn’t dig that?

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