showers of love

Today included a special celebration for a very special cousin of mine. Tiffany Jean Brott will become Tiffany Jean MacIntosh (I hope I got that right!) in just over a month. By the way, we attempted to talk her into hyphenating to keep the Brott name … she politely declined.

While the shower was absolutely adorable in every way, I found myself watching the guest of honor and her mom. I can’t begin to describe the infectious laughter that these two women produce, in nearly any situation. I thought for a very long time that my Aunt Kathy was the only one with the signature laugh; one that commands an entire room. Today, though, I learned that Tiffany has inherited one much the same.

I guess their laughter brings me so much joy because of what they have both endured. I didn’t think about it until I went upstairs and saw my dad and another uncle of mine and realized that one very important uncle was missing. When we were very young, we lost my Uncle Steve to a courageous battle with cancer. The love that he and my aunt shared was very evident, and very special. I’ll never forget going through the McDonald’s drive-thru one day during his fight when the song, “The Dance”, played on the radio and I watched my aunt surrender to her emotions. It was equally heart-breaking and beautiful.

Today, though, we celebrated and in June, we will celebrate again. Just like today, Uncle Steve won’t be there in person but as Tiffany walks down the aisle, he’ll be there. I have no doubt. And, he’ll be smiling as he watches his wife, son and daughter celebrate.

I can’t wait to team up with my sister again to spend that day capturing the same infectious laughter we shared today. Here’s to the start of another very special, lifelong love.

1 thought on “showers of love

  1. Staci,
    I am overcome with emotion! You are such a beautiful person, my dear, and I am honored to know and love you. What a lovely story you’ve written…you sum everything up so well, and I thank you for that.
    I can’t wait for you and Nikki to get behind those lenses and start shooting! Laughter will prevail!
    I love you so much!

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