that favorite pastime

I grew up watching baseball. Well, mostly I grew up watching Mickey Tettleton (catcher and ball-crusher for the Tigers) but, I really, really liked the game, too. I promise.

courtesy: the daily fungo

By the way, I looked for other pictures. My how tastes change.

Anyway, baseball starts with t-ball, right? It’s where it all begins; the foundation or building block, if you will. And man, some people take it super-seriously.

Thankfully, those people don’t live in Hopkins. I was delighted to watch Connor’s first t-ball game of the 2012 season last night. I use the term season loosely. There are only six games.

He and his friend, Nolan, cheesed for the moms before the game started. (They’re totally cuter than Mickey).

best buds

Connor took a cue from my early days (full disclosure: I made an unassisted triple play .. in Hilliards … it was the first and last time) and was taking matters into his own hands while on the mound. If you’ve seen a t-ball game you know that the majority of hits go no further than the pitcher and Connor would run right up to that ball, grab it and chase after the base runner to tag them (with the ball, not his glove as instructed). His dad (also his coach) held him back once so the other pitcher (there are multiple kids huddled in various spots around the infield) could have a go as well. He was hitting like the little rock star that he is, too, even hitting the ball out into the grass which, again, if you’ve ever seen a t-ball game results in a bunch of kids running after the little soft ball and inevitably falling on or around it.

I loved watching the interaction between the coaches and the kids. Jon did a great job herding the little cats and the other coach, Joel, was seen carrying multiple children (either as base-runners or as outfielders) to their destination.

The best part about the whole evening was the crowd. There were a lot of people cheering on the little munchkins. It wasn’t about any of the t-ballers making some amazing unassisted triple play (it was pretty amazing, as I recall it) or actually throwing the ball where it should have gone; no, it was about the joy that comes with the game. And isn’t that the joy that’s kept the game around for the last eleventy billion years? Or, is it Mickey Tettleton? You decide.

2 thoughts on “that favorite pastime

  1. True story about her unassisted triple play….memories of that specific game were excellent, even one cousin, who shall remain nameless, throwing the ball backwards. Very cute pic of CJ & Nolan!

  2. Ha Ha it was my favorite to see the other coach carry his players as they stayed in the standing position the whole time w/o resisting his efforts at all! So cute!

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