twenty-one things

I follow quite a few bloggers. And, quite a few of them post out lists of randomness every now and again. I like reading them and I feel like I know the blogger a bit more personally when I get to the end. With that said, and because I’ve always been slightly odd, here’s my list of twenty-one random tidbits (in no particular order).

  1. Connor and I both started falling asleep on the couch tonight. When I twitched, I told him it was time for bed
  2. I have a lot of projects in mind; accomplishing any one of them is another matter. Does that mean I’m a starter and not a finisher? I guess we’ll see
  3. I’m still not sure what we’re doing for Mother’s Day but I will be spending it with the best kid in town
  4. My child ate a bagel and drank magic milk … for dinner
  5. I have a stand-up workstation at work. I like to stand up but I also feel sad it covers up my very favorite picture (I bet you can guess which one that is) so sometimes I sit just so I can see it
  6. I quoted Tommy Boy three times today, thanks in part to my good pal Melanie B.
  7. Connor was awarded a soccer medal tonight. See, participation is still king
  8. I love to give gifts. I am terrible at planning ahead to give them
  9. There is a mahogany dresser I found on Craigslist tonight that I want to buy. I don’t want it to become a permanent fixture in my garage, but I do plan to paint it. Yay for inspiration!
  10. My car now has over 125,000 miles on it and all of my passengers whine about the cracks in the windshield. I don’t know why … they don’t bother me one bit
  11. I have a terrible addiction to Water Street coffee
  12. I just started my second Jennifer Lopez movie of the evening
  13. Connor wore pajamas to school today. He wanted to wear them to Meijer but I asked him to change into shorts under the guise that he would get too hot
  14. There are several pieces of barn wood arranged in the shape of a headboard on my garage floor. I hope to spend some time on that this weekend
  15. I like to have a bowl of cereal every night. I’m a big believer that breakfast can be enjoyed at any point during the day
  16. I hope to take Connor to an event tomorrow that might just leave him making that “I am man, hear me roar” growl (if I can squeeze it in with a trip to look at a mahogany dresser)
  17. There is no substitute for a good hug
  18. I find myself being quote-happy lately. Today’s inspiring words: The most powerful teaching moments are the ones where you screw up
  19. I screw up a lot
  20. My favorite moments are when Connor tells me he loves me and it’s completely out of the blue
  21. I’m going to turn off this J.Lo. movie

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