fifteen things

So, in the spirit of sharing, Connor and I talked about how nectar is expelled this weekend and how it’s not technically the result of bees vomiting, but instead regurgitating from an organ just off to the side of their stomach. Anyway, I need to do that right now … in list form. Because, frankly, I have a whole lot of stuff swirling in my brain and since it’s not in my stomach I won’t be vomiting, technically.

  1. I can’t get over how much fun CJ and I had school shopping. He had no.desire.whatsoever to try on clothes and then after the first shirt was modeled and I told him how handsome he looked … he totally got into it, even dancing his way out of the dressing room (and shaking his bootay in my face, which is gross)
  2. I have two mirrors and I still don’t know if I want to put either of them above my dresser. And, I can’t decide if I want to paint them. And, do I want one large mirror or several smaller ones? I’m having trouble just … deciding
  3. School started today. I woke up immediately sad that I wasn’t getting Connor ready. Then, it was raining. Then, I saw him and I got over that other nonsense
  4. The three-day weekend left me exhausted, instead of energized. I heard that from others, too. Therefore, I would like to request that we include nap time at the office the day after holidays going forward
  5. I felt awful for the little ones at soccer practice tonight. I was just sitting there and sweat was forming well, everywhere, and the poor kids? Well, they looked like they were going to pass out. Dear Fall, please come soon
  6. There was a pink feather on the stairwell today at work. I was pretty sure that mine is one of only a few office environments where no one would even question seeing such a thing
  7. I let my sister drive me around in a boat yesterday and I wasn’t facing forward. She and I both got extremely wet and I saw the most classic look I’ve ever seen on her face as she got sprayed. Really … ever
  8. My friend Melanie has a gift for sending me amazing words at just the right time, and then she can hear me laugh in response at how right they are because she sits just outside my cufice
  9. I found my way to Zumba tonight for the first time in over three months. That felt awesome
  10. My niece is turning sixteen in two days. I don’t even know how that’s possible given I was sixteen when she was born and I’m only twenty-seven now
  11. I still screw up a lot (as referenced in my last puke post)
  12. There are a few good friends I miss a whole lot. I hope they know who they are
  13. I may have a young Tiger Woods on my hands. Connor showed that driving range what was up yesterday. I think I was most proud when a staff person was looking on and the little semi-pro nailed a drive. Proud braggy mama moment
  14. I really appreciated some words from a fellow (much more awesome) blogger recently:  A. Life is Hard. B. You have to go through it. C. You learn. D. And then you grow
  15. I’m doing my best

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