a froggy chorus

Connor and I were wandering the other night and happened upon the frogs that have been singing to us as of late. It would seem that the pond outside our windows is home to what could be the largest frog population … in the world. 

As we strolled along the water’s edge, they would jump in groups of three or four or maybe even a hundred into safety as we came near. Once a few feet in, though, all of them would just with their eyes out and stare. I’m not really sure what they were staring it because it felt like an empty gaze. Anyway, Connor tried to get their attention with rocks. (A note to PETA (do they also cover amphibians?): No frogs were injured in the making of this post. I would not allow Connor to throw rocks at the frogs but just off to the side so as to create a splash to see if they would move.) They wouldn’t move. They just sat and stared. I think they may have been playing dead?

There was one frog in particular that we could hear, but we could never see. I think it may have found home on the other side of the pond and I didn’t want to see what other critters lived on the tall grass side. Anyway, I think he’s the king of this group of frogs and he’s very noisy.

As my luck would have it, the frogs sing a lot in the evening … anywhere from 10 p.m. or so all the way until the sun starts rising again. Because I like to have my window open at night, this can be problematic for sleep. I don’t mind the froggy chorus but I also think it’s meant to be shared for those who don’t have the misfortune luxury of being entertained by it every.single.night.

froggy chorus (You may have to turn up you sound to hear it best, but I think The King pipes in at 0:28 and then all of his buddies shortly thereafter in response).

Heading off to enjoy some peace and quiet.

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