some assembly required

What does it mean to do-it-yourself? I guess, typically, one would assume that DIY entails tackling a project from start to finish. Say you’re going to build a chair. This would require a myriad of materials like wood, paint, nails, bolts, sandpaper, a drill … the list goes on.

But sometimes, DIY can take on a different meaning. I stopped into World Market on what happened to be a great sale day. I saw a few pieces that would be great for my deck but didn’t fall in love. That is, until I walked by a little bright blue gem of a table that reminded me of an old fan. It was small, really bright and really cheap (40% off, peeps).

This table would be mine. I recalled the cashier (wow, that woman was excited) had told me their Adirondack chairs were also on sale and to top it off, I would get another 10% off. It just so happened that there were a variety of colors and the finish was slightly distressed so five minutes later I left with my table and two bright yellow Adirondack’s.

The good news was the whole lot would fit in my car. I’ve felt really bad about begging asking my dad to follow me on all my little escapades just in case I might need his truck to haul something. Yay for my large Subi trunk! Oh, and the chairs were in boxes and on each the words, “ASSEMBLY REQUIRED”.

I decided I would try to put one together this past evening to see how difficult they were. Tools required? A screwdriver. I was sold. The first one went together in twenty minutes or so. I asked Connor what he thought and he barely glanced and looked back to Happy Feet Two saying, “Oh, that’s nice,” in as excited a tone as he could muster. When I finished the second in just under half the time he said, “Ooh, I want to sit in that. You know why, mom? Because you made it.”

Well, there you have it. Connor gets to classify this do-it-myself assignment.

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