the graduate

How in the great wide world did this happen? My baby boy, I swear born just yesterday, graduated from kindergarten today. As per his requirement request, I found him a balloon … one balloon because he is “going into the first grade.” And, as my luck would have it, the exit I needed to take was closed today so as any mother (who was trying to make her child happy) would do, I used the “Authorized Vehicles Only” turn-around to get off on the next closest exit. I’m pretty sure I would have been considered “Authorized” today, right?

Anyway, the program was great. The kids strolled into the kindergarten wing, adorning their homemade caps, and stood in front of the audience on risers. Of course, some of the kids’ caps became a problem so as the program progressed, the caps found themselves off to the side. The kids sang several songs including one celebrating the fact each was graduating, but also a few that shared what they’ve learned … letters with zoo phonics friends motions, days of the week, months, and coins and the value of coins.

My favorite part of the graduation were the poems groups of two to four of the students shared for the audience. It gave each student a chance to have a special moment and for each of the parents to beam with pride. I know I did.

Then, each was awarded a diploma. Mrs. King shared that in all the hubbub she hadn’t had a chance to sign them. This was awesome news to me … another year of kindergarten! But then she said she’d sign them before they left. Boo.

After the program, family and friends gathered in the cafeteria for Sugar Fest 2012 and a chance to love on the grads. We took Connor out bowling to celebrate his accomplishment. Thankfully, we used the bumpers. Well, Connor and I did. I found out I’m still not that great of a bowler. Unfortunately, so did Connor and tears ensued. But, methinks he was sugar-crashing aka tired and emotional.

look at that form!

I’ve really grown to love the kindergartners in Mrs. King’s class. They are an incredibly special group of kids with unique talents and abilities and I look forward to what the future has in store for them. But, there’s just one I can’t get over. That’s the kid I still call my baby, whether he likes it or not.

he makes me one proud mama

1 thought on “the graduate

  1. Congrats proud mama and of course CJ the graduate! So glad you got that balloon for him! I am sure it meant so much. He is one lucky little boy and first grade will be lucky to have him!

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