body combat

I’m starting to find a fitness rhythm I really enjoy. I’m doing all sorts of different things, rather than spending a considerable amount of time doing one activity that I’ll ultimately tire from. I try to fit something in everyday; of course that depends on the time I have, what time I roll out of bed in the morning and/or if I have the energy in the evening after Connor goes nighty-night. And, I’m having a lot of fun.

I’ve been doing a mixture of running, cycling, tabata training, mini-strength workouts, yoga, Zumba, and now I can add body combat to the list.

Wait, what? Body combat? That sounds so … violent. Coincidentally, a friend encouraged me to try it at a studio just down the street from our office. I wonder if she thought I needed to get some aggression out a stress reliever … hmm?

Here’s what The Firm’s website says about body combat: “Unleash your inner warrior in this incredible cardio workout. An amazing, energetic program inspired by the martial arts disciplines; karate, tae kwon do, tai chi and muay thai. You’ll burn hundreds of calories, for sure! But you’ll also have a great time and discover that you are more powerful than you ever knew.”

Here’s my review of the workout:

Video note: I realize I look like I just showered and have the day’s worth of mascara under my eyes. Thank you.

Seriously, though, it was an hour well spent. I got to punch and kick and then punch some more and finish up the hour with a five minute ab and push-up session that I thought might just rip out my abdominal muscles. Awesome.

The best part was doing it with friends. Although we didn’t get to chat much, I think pain is just better experienced with others.

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