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A couple weeks ago, I received an email from World Vision inquiring if I would be interested in volunteering at the upcoming Winter Jam 2013 concert in Grand Rapids. I thought it sounded pretty awesome as 1.) I love the mission of World Vision, 2.) Winter Jam brings in a heap of amazing Christian artists and 3.) it would be free.

The concert was last night and it did not disappoint. We arrived early for a quick training and I couldn’t believe the number of people outside. The event is very cheap ($10/head) and there is no assigned seating so as soon as the doors open, screaming kids fans flock in every direction. We were fortunate enough to get right in (read: avoid waiting outside at all) and find seats in our assigned section before doors opened for general admission. The arena was completely sold out; and some, unfortunately, were turned away.

I believe it was Newsong that first made use of this giant disco ball that I’d somehow missed positioned in the middle of the arena. I’m here to tell you … when that thing lit up I think my face did also … like that of a child. It was breathtaking.

[83.365] best.disco.ball.ever.
We didn’t stay for the entire concert (what? i’m old.), but we did see several great performances, a great speaker and three people in my section signed up to sponsor World Vision children. Yay! I think my favorite part was seeing the response from the youth in the audience. We were also asked to hand out books including the Gospel of John for the main speaker. I had so many kids in my section request copies that I ran out. How awesome is that?! And out of the three sponsorships I received back, two were young men. Again, awesome.

When we left, Matthew West was performing his song ‘Strong Enough.’ In addition to everything else I witnessed last night, the song’s lyrics were such a great reminder that I’m not in this alone. Well, those and the several thousand other people around me.

” … Cause I’m broken down to nothing; But I’m still holding on to the one thing; You are God and you are strong; When I am weak.
I can do all things; Through Christ who gives me strength; And I don’t have to be strong enough, Strong enough …”

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