he’s got a feeling

When Connor was just a couple of weeks old, a nurse told me he had an ‘old soul.’ I had, of course, had some inclination before she shared that with me. I could see it in his eyes.

I’ve never stopped believing that nurse was right and it becomes more evident as he gets older. Connor is, indeed, wise for his age. Sometimes his wisdom is misguided and sometimes I know it’s because he’s already been through so much at his young age, but he’s wise nonetheless. 

The last couple of months, I’ve seen his level of sympathy, and even empathy, grow immensely. When my Uncle Harry died, he knew I was hurting and he took extra good care of me, but when we lost Paul so suddenly, he talked his dad into coming to see me at work so he could give me a hug. He knew I was very, very sad and he was concerned about how I was doing.

I still find myself getting emotional (which I guess is not at all surprising given that I’m 1.) a woman, 2.) a sap as it is and 3.) a woman) … usually while we’re in the car listening to songs and I hear three of the songs that I CAN.NOT. hear without thinking of Paul. Connor will also tear up and talk about how he misses him. It’s very sweet.

Today, Connor’s BFF was hurt during recess and when I called him to see how he was doing he seemed distracted fine. As the evening wore on and we spent more time together at practices and then at home, he became super-emotional. He cried and worried about his friend’s recovery … how long it would take, if he would be ‘different’. I assured him that although his friend was in some pain now that, in time, he would recover and be back to his crazy, high-flying (if his mom will ever let him out of the house again!) self.

I’m proud of my boy with the old soul. I hope he continues to feel those things with and for other people. Well, sympathy and empathy that is. His latest fascination about having a crush on a certain adorable girl in his class is a different matter entirely.

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