belated wordless wednesday + an “aww”

I had this post all geared up to go last night and then after a series of light flickers, the power went out. How dare those storms interfere with the InterWebs?!

Part 1: wordless wednesday

[160.365] middle of the road

in the middle

Part 2: aww

Connor was not a very nice boy to me tonight at his baseball game. He tends to have this … ummm, attitude? if things don’t go well for him and as a result, he tends to get upset with this parent. Say, for instance, he strikes out. If I try to talk him off the ledge, he will tell me it was my fault. Somehow. Someway.

Anyway, he got an ear full from more than one source tonight so he was full of it snuggles when we got home. Just before bed, we had this cute little conversation.

CJ: Mom, I’m not just saying this because I want to be with you but I think you’re the bestest mom in the whole world.
Me: Aww, thanks buddy. I needed to hear that.
CJ: No, you’re not the bestest. You’re the awesomest.
Me: Oh, wow. I don’t know about that.
CJ: Actually, Mom, you’re not awesome. You’re ‘exquisick’.
Me: Well now. I don’t know that anyone has ever said that about me. I’m so lucky.

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