a special thank you

I might say a little too frequently how proud I am of my little hometown. I was just sharing with my sister last week how people look at me funny when I say I’m going to a football game. Or, maybe it’s not that they look at me funny, but that they say thinks like, “why are you doing that? you’re 27 years old?” I don’t bother correcting them on my age. I can’t help it I look younger. But yes, I still go to high school football games. I am that weirdo.

Anyway, I’m talking about my little town because of what some students produced to share today. Today was full of gratitude. Facebook posts. Presidential addresses. Starbucks coffee. Client sites of ours that experienced loads of traffic with individuals expressing gratitude (yay, thanks! and, stop now so the server can breathe).

But, this video? This was what brought me to tears today because these are my kids. No, I don’t own them but I feel a sense of responsibility for them because they are going to be a product of the same school district I attended and the same school district Connor attends now. It goes back to the pride in where I come from because of the way we care about each other and rally around each other when it’s necessary. It’s just what we do.

I’ll let them say a formal ‘thank you’ today because they pulled it together better than I could. Kudos to all of you who had a hand in sharing our appreciation for those who truly make this country ‘the home of the brave.’


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