#tbt happy birthday, mom

good sport

good sport

She won’t be happy about it, but I love this photo of my mom. Happy birthday, mama. Do you still love your card? Remember the card with the super sweet quote and even better birthday tribute? You love the card. 

I think I love this photo because I like to tease my mom a lot. I know that’s not very nice, but she’s such a gosh darn good sport about it that I can’t help it. She donned these glasses just over four years ago (hence #tbt), and I love that even now she knows how to give me good material. I’m starting to wonder if she does it on purpose, actually. Like she knows how much I need to laugh?

Just recently, we were texting. She has a bit of a problem with tapping ‘send’ before reviewing and confirming the content reflects her actual intended message. As a result, I’ve received some interesting texts from her. This time, she texted me to let me know she was going to head out to Zumba that night … except Zumba corrected to Zimbabwe and she sent the message through as it was and I laughed.out.loud. I just couldn’t help but respond that I would see her there … in Zimbabwe. I laughed anyway. Had to be there, I guess.

Regardless, I love my goofy mom. I love that she can be goofy, because she’s also a million other qualities that I hope to be when I grow up. She’s a steadfast believer, a committed wife and mom, a ridiculously awesome (spoil-kids-rotten) grandma, a strong and loving sister, an advocate for her community and an incredibly successful businesswoman.

I’m so thankful she was born and that God chose her to be mine. He knew I needed someone who could clean up my messes and tolerate my nonsense. I love you, mom and I hope this year you find time to get even more goofy and less and less serious. You deserve it.

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