luke | class of 2014

I posted a photo via Instagram a week or so ago and boy oh boy, did I have some ladies talking. I didn’t realize it until I was at a fundraiser Tuesday night and one of my favorites asked, ‘ok, so who’s the guy?’ I lol’d and said, ‘well, he’s my cousin.’ Second cousin, actually, but he sure is cute isn’t he? And, he’s half my age. I’m not sure what that says about me. Does he look older?

Anyway, we were out freezing on the pier wandering in South Haven taking some photos as he prepares for his upcoming graduation … from high school (for my curious ladies).

Luke is such a great kid. He is obviously adorable, easy-going and a good sport about an activity many young men don’t enjoy all that much. I checked and he doesn’t even post many selfies (well, a few but I won’t link over to them because he would be totally embarrassed).

Thanks for getting the ladies talking, Luke … proud to say I’m related to a stud..


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