I hear that folks get irritated when others misuse (or overuse) hashtags in social media. So … I hope I’m not irritating you. If I am, chill the heck out. it’s just an old pound sign. #i’mjustplayin’

Connor has been trying to grow his hair out for a while. It’s super sweet. I also think it’s a solid idea given we’re reaching ‘feels like’ temps in the negatives in these parts. The problem is, his hair is super thick and mildly unruly. He comes from parents with thicker hair so he’s doubly … blessed? Well, I had an idea today that he should get a haircut. At first, he was totally against it. I mean, how do you take 15 minutes away from all.the.fun.stuff. he could be doing on break to sit in a chair and have someone fix your mop?? But the great thing is, I get to choose. So,  while we were in Grand Rapids, we stopped at a new spot called Sport Clips.

I’m not very good about staying loyal with a stylist for his haircuts because … he’s a boy. And I wasn’t even loyal to a stylist myself until … last year. We tend to try out new places to see if anyone is up to the challenge of trying to cut his bangs in a somewhat straight fashion. I’m like, 2-for-several on that one.

We walked in and there were giant TVs everywhere with a Red Wings game on. Everywhere. It was pretty rad. All of the (cute) girls were wearing referee-style shirts and Connor was quickly escorted to his ‘locker room’. I let him go after we tried to describe what look we were going for and wandered around the seating area. The cashier let me know that they had a deal where if I checked in and liked their page on Facebook that Connor could get not one, but TWO upgrades. And now I know you’re dying to know … but what did he get??

Well, after he got his hairs back in an order, I noticed he wasn’t in the chair but had been escorted back to the area called the ‘Showers’. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that so I wandered over. Here I see his face covered by what I now know was a steamy towel and this young woman (who I may have mentioned was cute) is massaging his locks. I was in such disbelief all I could do was laugh. It was beyond adorable and I knew he was feeling like a BOSS.

After the steamy towel massage treatment, he was given some exfoliation nonsense to put on his scalp and given a back massage. A back massage. He walked out as if he were on a cloud. After we didn’t pay (free cuts for the win!), we left and Connor immediately asked when we could come back, told me he needed a nap and then spent our trip home creating Sport Clips in his Minecraft world (which I still don’t understand).

I told him we should do a quick photo shoot to show off his new ‘do and he was more than willing. He even threw off his jacket in the cold temps to show off his sweet shirt.

His hair looks great, but I’m pretty convinced that more than his hair was transformed today. I’m not going to say he became a man, but I’m pretty sure he thinks he did.

IMG_1559_web IMG_1561_web

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