world photography day

Seriously, if I could count the number of memos I miss about certain days and events that I could really get on board with … well, it would be a big number. The good news is that I did, in fact, hear that yesterday was dubbed as ‘world photography day’ but the obvious is that I missed posting about it in time. #sadtrombone

It’s all good, though. I am still 100% cool with getting on board with the old clichés as well like ‘better late than never.’

There are few things that bring me as much peace as having my camera in-hand. My favorite subject? The beauty of creation God’s given us. There is just something about the places I’ve encountered (and they don’t number that many!) that make my heart swell as I look through the glass at what many just cruise by. Living in Michigan, I can say without a doubt that we are presented with some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable, but my trips to Guatemala and Oregon were my most favorite to capture. I almost didn’t take my camera to Guatemala out of fear that something could happen. I’m so thankful that fear was removed and I was forced into lugging my trusted friend everywhere I went (except into Guatemala City … no bueno.). The mountains; oh, the mountains. And Oregon? Well, Connor and I had the best few days of a lifetime driving through the mountains and along the coast. He just brought up our trip again today.

Speaking of CJ, he is my second favorite subject. He doesn’t get the first spot only because he moves so much! Thank God the mountains sit still. But truly, when I looked at all the photos I’ve taken over the course of Connor’s short life earlier this year, I was reminded of the gift of capturing those moments in time; moments I won’t ever have back but will have record of forever and ever, amen.

And finally, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of being a part of people’s lives in such a special way as a result of just pushing myself out into some uncomfortable territory; again, with my trusted friend. There is such emotion behind capturing an engagement, followed by a wedding and then the blessing of a newborn child; a mother gazing at the miracle of her unborn baby who somehow in the time I’ve known her has reached the priceless age of five; and even still, seniors. Ah, my favorites. I have honestly had some of the most fun taking photos of almost seniors nervously looking at my camera-covered face … not knowing if they should smile or look serious; cross their arms or put them in pockets. And then? There is this moment where they transition into confident young adults; embracing the sheer coolness of the experience. The focus is completely on them and what lies ahead.

Of course, my most treasured session to-date will be that of Tyler Smith. We lost him six months ago today and I still am just truly thankful to have been a part of capturing some of the final images of such an amazing young man. I will forever remember his gaze as he confidently glanced at my camera just prior to the end of our session. He was, and as his photos so clearly demonstrate is, precious.

I meant to share more actual photos, but I’m just going to leave here one of my favorites. It was one of those unique and unforgettable moments in which I had the opportunity to not only see God’s amazing gift on display, but that I also got to sit next to my very favorite human being loving every wind-whipped moment of it.




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