another brand new ending

I had to share the name I adopted for my little spot in the bloggy world this week with two very special people.

See, August 31, 2016 became the start of a brand new ending for the two people I’ve wanted this moment for for more than anyone else. My mom and dad are retired. It still doesn’t sound quite right but by golly, it’s real. It’s right now. And it’s amazing. 

This has been really hard for them to step into. These two have been the hardest-working, most loyal and passionate employees I may ever bear witness to. And it was not without sacrifice. Blood (literally), sweat and tears have poured out over the course of 45-ish (but who really is counting?!) years, but as I saw yesterday in a celebration honoring my mom, they impacted people. And in some major ways.

But today? Today was my favorite. More than anything, they are each other’s world. They’ve prioritized Christ and put each other first. It’s not been easy and it’s been a life full of lessons learned, but my dad took a moment to share just how proud he was of my mom and it was all I could have ever wanted for her. Her man … her best friend … gave her all the kudos in the world for the Christian woman, wife, mom and friend she’s been throughout all of it. And I cried. And we all cried. And it was like a little Nicholas Sparks’ novel happy ending. Over pizza. And without a wedding.


And mom, just in case you hadn’t heard it enough already, we are so proud of you. And I hope you never have a doubt in the world that you were the very best at what you did. And that’s a legacy you can leave with the bank. You are irreplaceable (we won’t comment about how it takes two men). #girlpower

So go out there and enjoy all of it. You’ve earned it. No doubt; you’ve earned it.



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