jesus … take the handlebars

I’ve decided that right after this month I’m going to take a break from adoring people. I find it’s just getting me straight-up into trouble. Or, straight-up into taking gigantic steps out of my comfort zone and well, I’m just straight-up tired of that nonsense.

There are a few (fine, several) human beings that I’d do most anything for. One of them is the mom I met when I was around 15 sweet little years old. Amy Jo didn’t realize when she started participating with our youth group how everyone would be fighting over her for second mom status but it totally happened and it’s been happening ever since. Amy is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever known; and I can use the word ‘most’ because the depth of her kind soul only serves to exaggerate her angelic exterior. And she’s one of those beauties that radiates a peace and compassion that is so rare, so genuine that you literally just can’t love her enough.

She’s a little bit of Jesus. I swear it.

Amy’s story is one that would take, likely, a few posts to get through. But one of my favorite parts is how God’s used her to become a vessel for hope for expectant moms and dads facing unplanned pregnancies. She is the director of Lakeshore Pregnancy Center’s mobile medical unit after beginning with the center several years ago as a volunteer.

I’ve always had heart for LPC because I have heart for Amy and I know that she wouldn’t put her everything into an organization that wasn’t centered around a very important mission.

Since I’d first heard about it, I’d wanted to participate in one of the agency’s big fundraisers each year; a 700-mile 7-day bike ride. But dear Lord … there was just no way. And then, in the year that I chose the word ‘pursue’ as my word wouldn’t you know that LPC devised the theme of ‘Passionate Pursuit’ and that they then decided to adjust their normal 7-day adventure down to 2 1/2 days … and 250 miles? What are the odds?

So, shoot. I guess I have to do it. Right? I won’t lie; when I first read the email explaining the event I had my fingers to keyboard already typing back to Amy my enthusiastic, ‘heck yes, i’m doing this!’ but then I sat back in my chair like, ‘whoa. no. that’s too soon. and it’s still a ton of miles. and that’s a lot of money. and … and ….’ I really could have come up with excuses all day long but then the desire that I’d always had to ride came crashing back to the forefront and I stopped sitting back and remembered my word … pursue.

So that’s what I’m gonna do. In a few short weeks (oh. well of course i failed to mention i made this decision about two weeks ago. #betterlatethannever), I’ll be riding with 5 other amazing humans in the agency’s annual Ride4Life 2016. We’ll be taking a short trip around lower Michigan over the weekend of September 23-25. I’m full of emotions, but mostly? I’m so thankful.

I’m thankful the opportunity arose this year and I’m thankful that I get to be a part of something bigger. I’m also thankful I get to ride around our great state in support of such an amazing organization for my simply amazing friend.

One of the most challenging parts of the what I’ll need to do in these next few weeks (besides figure out how in the heck I’m going to pedal that far) is raise $2,500. It’s a lofty goal and in such a short timeframe, but that’s why I’m reaching out to my friends here. Would you consider being a part of my pursuit? I’ve attached a flier with some additional information and a tear-off in the event you may wish to make a donation by mail. I also wanted to provide a link if you feel so inclined to give online. Just select the ‘Ride4Life’ campaign and enter my name as the rider you would be sponsoring at

You guys. This is straight-up scary but also straight-up exciting. I so appreciate in advance any support you can provide. Mostly, just pray for me. I’m not kidding about Jesus taking over. I’m sure I’ll be seeking His help more often than not in these next few weeks.


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