connor | class of 2024

Today’s skies were a bit drizzly but also on point for a quick fall photo session. This season is always crazy with seniors but today’s subject … well, he’s just my favorite. 

Meet Connor. He’s ten and two-thirds years old and is just wrapping up his first several weeks as a fifth grader. He loves football, playing primarily guard and linebacker. He still loves his Michigan State Spartans despite a less than stellar season thus far, but keeps tabs on several other NCAA and NFL teams as well. His favorite subjects in school are math and science and he is 100% focused on those studies, ladies, so anything beyond friendship will just have to wait. But I can vouch that this kid has an amazing heart; not like many I’ve ever seen. He has a compassion for others that I desperately pray remains intact forever and ever.

He, thankfully, wasn’t reluctant to have some photos taken and actually, seemed to get into the whole thing just fine. It’s always good practice to get my camera out, but it’s also helpful preparation for the not-so-distant future when this post’s title isn’t so forward-focused.

But for now? Let’s just take a look at this phenomenal, handsome, goofy, very-close-to-GQ-model-material fifth-grader.


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