Ever since Connor expressed a real interest to play (american) football (mostly as a result of third-grade recess games), I’ve had some angst over not only the choice of that over soccer but also over the likelihood of an injury. (Yes, I’m aware that soccer injuries are a real thing as well.)

I mean, Bobby Boucher’s mama surely wasn’t the first to think foosball was of the devil, right? Do you really think the Lord inspired the desire to suit up in pads and a helmet just to take aim at each other while someone tried to take a spherical object from one end of a field to the other? These are the questions that keep me up at night, folks. Those, and of course how the next episode of ‘This is Us’ is going to play out. Twists and turns, amiright?!

Anyway, Connor just tied the bow on his second season of foosball with a beautiful victory and only one injury throughout the season that landed us in urgent care. Now, did he need to go to urgent care? Not even sure. His coach encouraged it. Dad said it was ok. And this mom was totally fine with paying for an X-ray to confirm that an innocent enough tackle didn’t result in a broken something or other. It may have even been worth it given the speed in which I got from Jenison to Grandville, the opportunity I had to boast over carrying my just over 100-pound beast through a parking lot (#likeaboss), and the fun shopping cart ride around the CVS pharmacy. And yes, I let Connor ride in the cart. He was the injured party after all.

After a couple days’ rest, he was good as new and ready for more.

What impressed me most though, this season, was how the boys came together. It’s fun to watch them become young men and embrace the concept of ‘team’ (and sometimes learning the hard way about what it means to be a part of a team). It warmed my heart to see the sportsmanship they displayed and how one young man, Jordan, took it 100% upon himself to shield Connor after he was hurt; watching him come off the field, offering to carry his things and to grab him water and just genuinely care for him in that moment. Jordan was my bright spot this season.

This group of boys is our future. And seriously, you can check birth certificates. Some of them are really just. that. big. But what I love about them is their passion not only for the game, but also for the fun of it. Keep enjoying the foosball, boys. Just don’t scare your mamas.




i seriously can’t even. girls. back. off.


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