fall #adventureswithcj (part one)

Oh, I am well aware you’ve all been waiting for this since last year’s summer edition of #adventureswithcj so let me just assure you, the wait is over! Now, this year’s edition is less picturesque as we literally ran through the city streets of Atlanta. In a day and a half. But please don’t let your hopes be dashed. You need more time this week to think about turkey and cranberries anyhow!

Since last year(ish), Connor has been talking about the Georgia Aquarium. It is apparently the largest in the U.S. and get this … has whale sharks (think Destiny from Finding Dory but with better vision). You recall that our trip to Oregon included a stay with a marine biologist (airbnb score!), an aquarium and whales. Connor’s love for things of the deep is unchanged so it made sense to visit Atlanta for our (now) annual adventure.

The challenge is that Hotlanta is basically off the table in the summer so fall it was. And fall, as you know, means football. So, that leaves us with two weeks in November because, swim. Yay, sports!

Oh, and Connor isn’t looking to miss any school this year (nerd alert) so I found a flight that would take us out on a Friday evening and arrive back on Sunday. Let the planning of marathon Saturday commence!

Thankfully, I found reasonable airfare out of Grand Rapids so man friend was able to drive us to and from the airport. Connor was so super excited, yet equally nervous to get on a plane. He decided that Wednesday night he was afraid of heights so as we were planning, he decided Skyview Atlanta was out (major boo from this mom) and that so long as the skies were clear and wind-free, he was on board. And then suddenly there we were.

Can I take a moment to cry about Delta? I mean, they’re good to me. But, the whole ‘can’t select your seats’ thing and then the whole ‘oh, window seats in the back equal a turbine in your face’ thing is mildly annoying. Connor and I couldn’t even fight over the window because, well, we couldn’t sit outside anyhow. Onward.

We got into Atlanta safely around 8:30 that night and found our way to the Metra, which was super fun. We still aren’t sure about the suspicious substance in the seat across from us, but other than that, it was a perfect and cheap way to get into the city. I had found a room at the Westin Peachtree Plaza (only 73 stories tall!) and Connor was also nervous about how high up we’d be so I’d made a quick call earlier in the day and was advised that we wouldn’t be higher than the 36th floor. No sweat.

After we dropped off our bags, we decided it was time for a quick bite. The closest options were Hard Rock and Hooters. Connor said Hooters could work but I was pretty sure they didn’t have a gluten free menu. Nice. Try. Connor. I’m hip to your game.

While we planned to snag food from Hard Rock, CJ started not feeling awesome so dinner plans shifted and we found ourselves at CVS. I know. We’re hardcore. I knew it would be an early morning on Saturday so our carpet picnic was perfect to end the day.

Shoot. That was only one part of one day but you know what they say .. leave ’em hangin’. For now, enjoy a quick preview.

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