wordless wednesday

Because it’s quick and easy; and because I haven’t posted since July (what the what?!) … I present to you a special birthday celebration edition of wordless Wednesday. Without further ado – which, by the way, I’ve literally always wanted to say but I usually just keep on talking which sort of negates the whole purposes of not further a-doing something. Oh, oops. – here are just a few selects from our little family gathering up in the absolute middle of nowhere in Michigan this past weekend. It was … everything.

This backwoods shindig with unicorn decor (who doesn’t even want that?!) was in honor of my impossibly beautiful and amazing and favorite first niece in all the world, Alyssa Sue. She’s 21! And guys, she’s single if you can even imagine. But here’s the deal … you’ll have to come through her very rough and tumble aunt first. Alyssa, you know I love you to pieces and think you’re already a better woman at 21 than I’ll ever be. Your parents have done a stellar job training you up in the way you should go. You’ve been blessed with a wonderful extended family, friends and of course, youth group peeps! But most importantly, you’ve put Christ first and allowed Him to guide your way. You keep on keepin’ on, girl. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Because although it might just be a banner that has no business being strung from the porch of a backwoods cabin, I truly agree with the sentiment. And next time, I promise I’ll spend more time spacing out the letters. ‘Y O U ARE MAG ICAL’. I’m ridiculously fortunate you like me.

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