summer fun (pt 1)

Given Summer is still in full swing (insert lots of sarcasm here), I figured I should do a quick recap of my two brief, yet amazing experiences with my little blended blessing of a bunch before it’s officially too late! But, likely today, just one because you know, words!

You all know (right?) that this summer was a bit of a mess for me. I really don’t even know where the time went but I know as soon as June started, I sort of hoped the whole season would end. I know, I’m the worst.

Thankfully, though, I mustered up the energy to plan a couple of vacations up north. Which, do you realize, once you leave the state, people have no clue what you’re talking about? I said ‘up north’ to a  couple of folks and they’re like, ‘Canada?’ I mean, maybe not exactly but it was something like that.

Our first little getaway found us up near Silver Lake. Know why? Because when you try to find campgrounds in Michigan in the summer, you get what you get. My sweet and awesome parents let us borrow the camper for our trip up to Dunes Harbor Family Camp in Mears. For a last-minute booking, I can’t complain. (Caveat: I was mildly sad that they don’t have a ton of mature trees but the campground is basically brand new and has amazing facilities to combat that lil issue. The only other crappy deal was that the pool closed three times because of ‘accidents’. Get me?)

Our first full day there was overcast and almost a little cool in the morning, but it honestly became a perfect weather day. We took the kids to Little Sable Lighthouse near the bottom of the Silver Lake State Park (not like that wasn’t my choice) and everyone was kind enough to humor me to make the climb to the top. I was the one acting like a child about to meet Santa and my brave little souls traversed the stairs like champs. Such an amazing view. Have I said how much I love our state?

We stayed a little longer so the kids could get rid of some energy before heading to the real dunes. I don’t think any of us knew at the time just how long we would be in the truck.

Teagan and Caden didn’t get the whole ‘too much forward momentum’ thing but they actually loved face-planting in sand. Kids are the most interesting.

Okay, so seriously, the dunes. I was absolutely in love/obsessed/enthralled/taken by what the Lord can do with nature. Mike knows everything about everything so I just got to sit back and enjoy. And take photos. Like I do.

We had the most fun splashing through the water and getting stuck (still funny even now) and making it all the way up to see the breathtaking views of Lake Michigan. My face still hurts from smiling.

We attempted to go to the most popular ice cream place that evening and well, it’s really popular. Mike’s face said, ‘no,’ as we pulled in and saw the ridiculously long line(s) and I opted to agree because I wanted a sunset more than ice cream anyway. I told the kids they could tell all their friends they were there because we did drive all the way around the parking lot so it’s completely legit. We found a perfectly acceptable alternative along the way back.

Mike was kind enough to take us back to the dunes for the sunset that evening and again, I was completely in my happy place. I got to get on the back of his truck which I’m pretty sure makes me even cooler.

Sunday was a fairly chill day because all I had to do was hang out with the kids while Mike did all the work to get us packed up to leave. Have I mentioned how much I heart him? We did a bit of swimming Saturday during the afternoon as the weather cleared perfectly but Sunday was even perfecter and the kids enjoyed some more pool time (between ‘accidents’).

These. These are the bright spots I have come to cling to. That, and Mike’s ability to look ridiculously handsome in every photo. I cling to that, too.

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