first snow

I looked outside yesterday morning and sort of shrugged and thought, ‘ok, fine.’ In my opinion, if the temperature is going to hover around 30, we might as well see the white stuff. But not on the roads. Because people can’t drive. Or on sidewalks. I’d like to continue to wear flats. #toolazy

I really did appreciate how pretty it looked outside and maybe, just maybe, I considered getting serious about Christmas shopping. Meh. I have a few weeks left.

But the one moment I won’t ever forget about this season’s first snow was how legit excited CJ was when he came home from school to get suited up and head out into it. He’s a sixth grader now so it is no longer cool (or necessary, really) to pack snow pants and all the things for school. He told me that morning they aren’t forced to go outside anymore. Man, what is this elementary cruelty all about?!

But he must miss it a little because I guarantee it wasn’t five minutes after he opened the door that we were on the hunt for the gear. I was honestly super impressed with myself that we found it. And quickly.

I told him I wished I could go out with him but I had a couple more work calls and wasn’t feeling awesome as it was. I heard a thud a few minutes later. That was his way to get my attention (snow ball hitting the window, for clarity) so I’d come check out his handiwork. I mean, you gotta start somewhere, right?


I guess I worry this is the last winter he might want to build a snowman. Maybe not, but I’m thankful at least that I was there to see it. And that he’s so cute. Or handsome. He’s whatever you call an 11-year-old boy that owns your heart.

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