fair observations

The county fair spanned the course of this past week and I made several observations during my two visits. So, in the spirit of sharing … here’s the top ten.

  1. Mama Bear almost came out on one of the carnival game operators who clearly was cheating my kid out of a ‘medium’ or ‘large’ prize. It’s amazing how quickly our defense mechanism can be triggered
  2. I now know the secret to getting hosed on the dart throwing game. Connor, on the other hand, was spared the news and somehow walked away with a stuffed hippo … with a tuft of icky hair on top
  3. Bunnies with red eyes look evil. I don’t care what anyone says
  4. The fun house lures children in a way I will never understand. Without a doubt, that lure cannot be attributed to the man collecting tickets. Had any of the small children been paying any attention to their surroundings, I doubt the entry rate would be as high. Just sayin’
  5. There really is such a thing as a powdered sugar storm (see photo evidence below)
  6. Fairs are the opportunity for everyone who smokes to openly protest the fact that restaurants and bars no longer allow it. My eyes.were.on.fire
  7. The derby race is one of the coolest events I’ve ever seen. You need to check it out if you’ve never been
  8. The cheese in the fried onion ring and polish kielbasa concession sits for just a bit too long … congealed cheese on those onion rings, anyone?
  9. Pigs will fall asleep with their heads in their pen mate’s butt and appear to be completely comfortable at the same time
  10. There is a miniature zoo hiding out just past the last aisle of fair attractions. We’re talking a baby camel, zebra and wallabies for crying out loud (among others)! Considering that last aisle is where they sell temporary tattoos and long-eared hats, I wonder how many fair-goers had no idea such a cool spot was just north of the leather belt assortment

powdered sugar storm

why i go to the fair


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