potential career option

Or … why I think racing derby cars may be what I was born to do.

Exhibit 1 (with play-by-play)

car rounds corner

car lifts off the track

car lifts even higher off the track

car starts its descent

car returns to track

car goes on its merry way

Exhibit 2 (with play-by-play)

7-11 car rounds corner and lifts off the track

7-11 car turns completely to its side

7-11 car flips from its side to its top and over in the opposite direction

7-11 car returns to the track

7-11 car goes on its merry way

I should also add that the 7-11 car (Connor’s favorite, by the way) won the entire event and a $200 bonus for performing a complete flip … and going along on its merry way.

I think my driving history and daring personality make this line of work a definite possibility.










4 thoughts on “potential career option

  1. I love these pics!!! I’m so sad that I didn’t get to race this year! 😦 Tell Connor that number 711 is my friend…he is part of the group of guys that got me into racing! Looks like you had a fun enjoyable night, miss you

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