let it snow

fresh powder

It feels like we’ve been waiting for a good winter snowfall for significantly longer than we’re accustomed to here in Michigan. We even had a pretend snow day just a couple weeks back … you know, the day the world was going to end?

But suddenly, just after Christmas, we got our snow. It didn’t fall in buckets at any one time and as a result, I’ve seen some of the most beautiful snowfalls I think I’ve ever been witness to. Big, beautiful flakes blanketing the deadened, brown earth.

It’s the first day of 2013. For some reason, the first day of a new year seems to symbolize a fresh start; a clean slate; a fresh blanket of snow, if you will. Today was white. Our slates are clean today as well.

How did you start? Did you make a big list to check off this year? Did you resolve to run a race or lose x pounds, or did you finally decide to watch Parenthood? Sorry, it’s relevant at the moment. Point is, it seems like now is the time we typically make big plans for the year ahead.

Me? I don’t have a definitive list. I have a few (very) important things I’m going to focus on that will hopefully result in all the other “stuff” I want to accomplish becoming more feasible. But first? Those few things.

A fresh coat of snow doesn’t erase everything that’s beneath it, just as much as a new year (a new day, even) doesn’t erase what came before, but it certainly gives you perspective for what might lie ahead.

Happy 2013, my friends. I hope you have a beautiful, snow-covered landscape ahead of you. Go ahead and make some snow angels while you’re at it. You won’t regret it.


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