best snow day ever

I started getting that sick feeling Thursday night. You know the one, right? It’s that anxiety-inducing feeling that results from deteriorating weather conditions and the assumption school will most likely close the next day. I know, you can just call it Mama Llama Drama.

But still, balancing a hefty workload and an almost seven-year-old (who had just been ‘crowned’ Citizen of the Month) is no easy feat. I was thankful to get a couple extra minutes of sleep the next morning. I’d gotten the call and turned the alarm off. When I did wake, I left all the lights off and sat quietly with my laptop on the couch so CJ could continue to rest. I think that lasted ten minutes before I heard his little feet shuffling on the carpet.

Next thing I know, he was sitting next to me. Well, on me. He was sitting on me. Surely, the day was going to go really, really well.

We talked about playing some Uno and making some breakfast as first steps. I will admit that I was totally okay with the fact that I didn’t have to rush anywhere first thing. Oh, and that I didn’t even have to shower if I didn’t want to. Booyah.

After breakfast, I told CJ he could watch a movie so I could focus on a few things and then we would go pick up the girls. He stole the DVD player away and I found him in his room a few minutes later.

precious moments

precious moments

We picked up the girls and took some of the back roads home. The snow was just beautiful and I couldn’t help but get out and snap a few pics along the way.

[32.365] all eyes

whatchu lookin at?

Funny story. When I saw these moo cows, they were all saddled up to the fence. I got out of my car and I’m not sure if I shut the door too quickly or if I was too loud when I exclaimed, “hey, what’s going on, guys?!” but they all freaked out and started running (air quotes, question mark) at the sight of me. Thankfully, they didn’t get too far because I fell in love with the snow-covered beasts.

Later in the afternoon, I told the kiddos that I had a couple calls I had to be on so I could hide out in my room but I would need them to play the silent game keep it down a bit. Just before my second call, though, we turned on the kids music channel and they started dancing around. It literally melted my heart. Their smiles; their clasped hands; the cousin love. I couldn’t help but watch them.

it was hair-raising

it was hair-raising

yay, we did it!

yay, we did it!

The girls stayed until just before dinner time. When we got to Grandma’s for dinner, both of them mentioned it was the best snow day ever. I’m sure it was just because they got to be somewhere other than home while their mom and dad had to work, but I don’t think they realized that they made it a great snow day for me, too. When I looked  back at the moments I was able to witness and be a part of that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, I was so thankful. Snow days rule.

2 thoughts on “best snow day ever

  1. Love the post and love the pics. I’ll try to embrace future snow days in a new light now. The cow pic reminds me of Pioneer Woman. I have this thing for cows… They are so cute. 🙂

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