I was on my way to get CJ tonight after a few days of separation. I was hauling poking along the road I’ve traveled down like a million times and noticed a tractor in the field as I crested the first hill.

When I looked back to the road, I spotted this:

Hmm … that’s … unacceptable? I got closer and slowed to a stop. My first thought? Photo opp. Yay! My second was to get out and push that flipping tree out of the way. My child was less than a mile away and I was dying to give him a hug.

So, I got out, and realized I didn’t have the lens I would have wanted walked up to that tree (well it was one giant branch on top of another less giant, but I think equally heavy, branch), steadied my feet and I pushed on.the.tree.

It didn’t move.

I stood there for a second and tried to figure out why I couldn’t move the tree. I mean, I’m pretty strong. Then, thankfully, the tractor that was in the field came around to the side of my car. It was a good, old neighbor of mine. His name is Roger. He was here to move that flipping tree on my behalf.

So, naturally, I grabbed my camera again. What is my problem?!

Shortly after he began tying up, my sister pulled up with her family and she quickly tried to confirm that I hadn’t, in fact, knocked the tree down with my car. I assured her that no, that was not the case. (Actually, she thought the tree hit my car. I have bad luck but I’m not sure it’s that bad. Or, would that have been good? Hmm.)

Roger was able to move the giant branches and then Nikki and I with our Superwoman-like strength held back the other giant branch while Brian pulled each of our cars around. My heroes!

It was thirty seconds later and I was hugging my boy. Now, I could have driven around the block but that would have taken like, ten minutes and as soon as I saw the tree down, I knew there was no way it was going to stop me. My son was just on the other side of it. Well, that, and the fact that nothing has ever gotten in the way of a Massey.

[37.365] to the rescue

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