things that are temporary

As I get, ahem, older, I guess I’m realizing there are certain things that really are fleeting. You may recall I just got my hairs cut not that long ago. Well, not that long ago is ten weeks now and actually, in really big news, I made an appointment the last time I was in and will be getting more hairs cut … tomorrow.

I think logically, I knew that my hair would start to grow again but taking that step to really make a change was so hard. I might have also shared that my hair is a security blanket of sorts so it’s tough to part with something so cozy; although this 90-degree weather is making me completely appreciate shorter hair. Yuk.

Anyway, this isn’t all about hair. I mean it is, but it isn’t. The point is, I’ve learned to let go of some of those fears and anxieties over things that are not going to matter a hill of beans ten years from now. Short hair now? It can be down to the ground by then. Kid want a mohawk? Eh, it’ll grow back. Besides, I’ve never seen him so thoroughly explain exactly how he wanted his hair to look and smile so widely afterward. So for that reason (and that one alone!), I’m glad Connor looks like Mr. T. (old A-Team reference thanks to his dad).

[194.365] poser

still freaking adorable

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