a dad and his little girl

I have been friends with John for a long time. I’ve actually known him since he was a youngster and he was in my youth group and then my post-high school group and now? Well, now we get to be adult friends because we’re both (technically) adults. Isn’t it strange how when you’re adults it doesn’t seem like the age gap is as great? I love that. Because I’m still like ten years older than him but it doesn’t feel that way. #winning

John had a little girl last year and he asked that I take a few photos of the two of them now that she’s a sassy and equally sweet one year old. We were lucky enough to get a decent day earlier this month and met up at a park that wasn’t completely void of fall. P.S. Michigan. What’s your problem? Winter is technically a month away. Why you gotta be in such a hurry?

Paislee was just about on the verge of tired so she wasn’t all that thrilled to have my camera all up in her face, but we still managed to get a few smiles and it was absolutely obvious that her daddy her loves her to pieces and that she’s a big fan of their pup, too. John, believe in yourself, friend. You’ve got this.

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