an open invitation

I’ve caught myself saying ‘it’s an open invite’ a few times in the past couple weeks and it’s so ridiculously out of character for me.

Wow, that makes me sound terrible. And maybe I am, but hear me out.

In all honesty, I’ve wanted for so long to tell myself that friends and family were always welcome but I just wasn’t at a point where I meant it … if you follow that line of crazy. It’s possible my house was dirty (which anyone who knows me knows isn’t entirely true because dirty to me is like … in need of dusting; I’m just a freak like that), or maybe I hadn’t showered or made something for guests to eat (anyone up for … spinach?!) or more often than not, I’m gonna just give it to you straight and admit that I didn’t have any idea how receptive I could be to company.

That’s when I was deep in the realm of my own little pity party, you see. I was afraid of letting people in. And it’s not the type of ‘in’ accompanied with being in my house; this place that is not my own but is a fantastic temporary dwelling I am thankful for; no, the kind of ‘in’ I’m referring to is into a relationship with me. I was afraid I wasn’t worthy or that I would say something wrong or that they would judge me for all of my mess (remember that cleansing thing?).

But, over time (and it took some major.stinking.time), as I started to allow that door to open I found that it was not.that.bad. And people were (mostly) okay! I told a friend today that I realized that I was not good alone. Like at all. And isn’t it funny how God said it was not good for man to be alone? I’m sure he was talking about women, too. Because … girlfriends.

And now just recently when I’ve said it, I’ve surprised myself even further because these invites are totally out of my comfort zone. I’m inviting people into something deeper and it’s scary for me because I run that same risk of being vulnerable and judged and all that but I’m pretty sure at this point that the Lord isn’t like, ‘hey, I love it when you’re comfortable! Can I fluff your pillow?’

Interestingly, today at church, the very first word in the passage we were reading was, ‘Come …’ and I thought to myself, ‘Holy crap. Talk about an open invitation.’

Our pastor kicked tail on another message this morning about this free offer we have anytime, anyplace, and in any old shape we’re in to just be a part of something greater; to be in relationship with Him who is able to take all of that suffering and angst and fear and, and, and … all of it and just make us whole. And transformed! And what the heck?! Why wouldn’t we want that?

I know now the depth of what an open invitation means. It’s truly letting someone in and I’m excited. I’m excited to let people in and I hope they let me in, too. Because there is something real and amazing about the power of relationships when people become vulnerable and unafraid of just being who they are. We are all so messy! It’s actually kinda funny to be messy together. #amiright? #don’tusemywordsagainstme

But greater than my invitation is His. Because He truly has something to say and when you hear it and you allow it to permeate all of that mess, you will be transformed (to partially quote my way more powerfully-speaking pastor). And who doesn’t have a resolution to be transformed this year?! So c’mon, let’s go do it together and just see how flipping amazing this life can become. By the way, that’s an open invitation.


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