saturday driver

I went for a drive today. I didn’t start with a destination in mind; it was actually more of a ‘anywhere but here’ style departure. I found my way towards Holland (second day in a row. i love that town.) and then, well … I headed north. I just felt like driving. I’m sorry. I can’t help but channel Forrest Gump sometimes. I stopped as much as I could all the while sensing I would end my route in Ludington. It made for a long day and seriously, a race into PJ Hoffmaster State Park when, at the last minute, I decided not to head home the quicker way, but to try and catch the remnants of the ridiculous sunset. I ran towards the beach and as the older folks were talking about how they were too late, I smiled because I’d just made it.

For that much driving and shop-hopping (oh don’t you worry … i found time to wander into a few antique, candy and boutique stores. i mean, not candy.), you’d think I would have more to show for it but all I came home with were these photos, a t-shirt and wet pants. I’ll let you guess which photo caused that last situation.

But really, although I wasn’t sure where I was headed, I knew it had to be near the water. I have a playlist stuck in my head at the moment that revolves around the water; waves crashing over, peace like a river, and heck, even shaken and stirred. For real. It’s about water.

And after ‘a’ week, which included my sweet friend Dustan Colyer’s celebration of life service, there was no doubt my soul needed the lake.



Interestingly enough, my detour on the way home found me pulling through an intersection and seeing what looked like a human standing on the side of the road. As I pulled forward, I saw a man standing there. He looked a little dazed so I turned around and asked him if he was okay. He had an umbrella and a flashlight and was far too fragile to be walking alone on 55 mph roads at that time of night (it was seriously pitch black). He wandered over and said he was fine, that his doctor told him he needed exercise. I advised it might be a bit late for exercise and that he should get in so I could get him the rest of the way home. He’d said he only lived just up the road from where we were but there was no way I could leave without knowing he would make it home. He’d have to cross a scary intersection to get there!

So, I moved my crap, he got in and he told me his name and that he was 94 years old. He brought up the exercise comment again and I chuckled. When he got out, he offered me some butternut squash. I had to laugh because when he started talking, I worried he might invite me in for tea. And, no. Feel free to judge me for allowing a stranger in my car but with all that’s happened, I saw it as an opportunity to be a little bit of Jesus to someone. And I needed that.

Through it all, through it all
My eyes are on You
Through it all, through it all
It is well

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