Wow. This weekend was so exhausting. In fact, my blinks are getting longer each time I close my eyes. I’ll be brief.

I told my dad on the phone tonight this weekend was so busy yet I couldn’t complain because it was I missed one very important person, but aside from him, I was so thankful to be surrounded by some really special people.

You’ll recall that we made some amazing connections in Guatemala. It’s actually really hard to believe that was four months ago (almost). Thanks to a few people who know how to make the stuff happen, two of the three staff people who were staying with us at our house were able to come to Michigan for the weekend. Just like in Guatemala, it was (and is) hard to tell who benefited more from the experience. I think, this time, they needed us as much as we needed them and it was so good. Just so good.

If I had one word to describe our time, it was just … family. We hugged and cried and laughed and yelled at each other during important (and stupid) football games. We did what families do. And I hope that Ryan and Robin truly feel like family. Because they are. Back in my last post about Guatemala, I called Robin my sister. And that’s what God wants isn’t it? He wants us to love each other as brothers and sisters and this time, I hope we loved on them in the way that they needed it most. I’m just thankful for their hearts for the Lord and the way that they helped us re-live the experience we lived daily in Guatemala in church today. I think we all needed that confirmation that Guatemala can be in Hopkins, Michigan and that no matter where we are (emotionally or physically), our family will love us through it and be waiting on the other side to welcome us home again.

You’re always welcome to come home to Hopkins, Ryan and Robin. Your family here loves you to straight-up pieces. May God bless your journeys in the meantime. No, I don’t think your work is done here. You’re welcome.


such a beautiful daughter of the King!


oh hey, lake michigan.

2 thoughts on “family

  1. You are a light that reflects your Fathers light and love within you…

    Don’t let anyone try to put a shade over you…you were meant to shine bright in this world as you already and truly do!

    Thanks for being you!

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