talking about celiac disease

This is my guy. He’s the best thing I’ve done yet. And, he is special. He’s special because he’s one of the millions who has been diagnosed with celiac disease.

one special kid

one special kid

May just happens to be National Celiac Disease Awareness Month. Last May, I wouldn’t have known that. I mean, I knew people at the time that were dealing with celiac but it was definitely not on my radar as a concern. Continue reading

becoming aware

Not long ago, I wrote about one of many causes of importance observed in the month of October.You might also know that October is the month in which Breast Cancer Awareness is observed as well as Down Syndrome Awareness. I became (more) aware of another cause of importance this month. I mean, I’ve been aware of it for quite some time but it didn’t become something that was deeply personal to me until now.

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