a dad and his little girl

I have been friends with John for a long time. I’ve actually known him since he was a youngster and he was in my youth group and then my post-high school group and now? Well, now we get to be adult friends because we’re both (technically) adults. Isn’t it strange how when you’re adults it doesn’t seem like the age gap is as great? I love that. Because I’m still like ten years older than him but it doesn’t feel that way. #winning Continue reading

nicole | class of 2015

Oh boy, I don’t know where to begin with this one. I’ve known Cole since she was just a teeny little thing. She’s actually still teeny, but now grown. Does that make sense? I didn’t think so.

Nicole is one of those young women that you just know has an amazing future ahead. She’s adorable, bright, uber-talented and super funny. She’s also incredibly perceptive … I think my favorite comment she may have ever made to me was about how I worry like an 84-year-old (or 90, I can’t remember. Dang dementia) woman. How does she do it? Continue reading

guatemala: saying goodbye (a photo retrospective)

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on who you talk to, it gets to about three o’clock everyday and my hand just aches from trying to keep up with what I feel should be a doable pace right now. Apparently, even that is a stretch. But, this is temporary and I have to keep reminding myself of that. Sorry. I’m whining. But anyway, this post has taken about 20 days to complete. I almost forgot what I was talking about. #stillwhining Continue reading

guatemala: a photo retrospective (continued)

So … guess what? I have, like, eleventy billion more photos to share and I just promised my niece I was going to bed because I feel tired (I think they used to call it weary but that seems like something an old lady would say and I’m definitely not about to throw myself into <em>that</em> category). But, looking at my Guatemala photos makes me happy and I’d rather be happy than sleeping. Never mind. That doesn’t even make sense. So, I will leave you with more photos and then I’ll get my weary self to bed so I can make no sense another time. Continue reading

sweet, sweet ben | seven months

My longest-standing client is one of my best good friends, Melissa. She is one of those moms that leaves you with no question she adores her children to the moon and back. She let me take some photos of her now seven-month-old gem, Ben(ny boo-boo-boo) recently. I’m so glad she has a boy now … both so Maya won’t be entirely jealous of a sister eating up more girl attention but also so that she can fall in love with a son like I have. I see that different emotion with him. And I love that I get to capture that for her; so later Maya can tell her how Ben was clearly the favorite. I’m kidding. Sort of. Continue reading

church ladies

Just over a month ago, one of my super thoughtful friends reached out to a group of us to concoct an idea to make sure another one of our friends knew how much we loved and cared for her. After eleventy billion or so Facebook messages (which can be really difficult to keep up with, by the way), we came to an agreement: we were going to hire a fantastic painter to come hang out and teach us how to create an amazing work of art. Continue reading