As a little girl, most of my interactions involved my immediate family (dad, mom and at the time, evil sister. she’s since come around.) and some of our extended family members. When I was in high school, though, I had the privilege of having a few close girlfriends with whom I entrusted all of my boy crush secrets (because really? that was the only real confidential info i had to share at that point). And then the boys. Ugh. I started to really like the boys and would often choose spending time with them over my treasured friends. I know.

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along for the ride

I’m not sure if mother nature is extending hours in the day at this point but seriously, is it still Monday? ‘Cause … I’m over it.

Anyway, in super happy shiny news, I went to Chicago for an overnight with the ladies this past weekend. Sadly, that 28ish hour period went by much more quickly than this past one has. Continue reading