I may have mentioned that I’ve been enjoying the Olympics … or maybe I just mentioned the swimming. Anyway, in the couple of hours after CJ goes to bed, I’ve had my tv tuned in to NBC. As I’m waiting for the swimming, working away on my computer, I’ve heard a song play along with a montage of the US womens’ gymnastics team. I’m not even kidding when I share that I get a tear in my eye every time. Continue reading

the graduate

How in the great wide world did this happen? My baby boy, I swear born just yesterday, graduated from kindergarten today. As per his requirement request, I found him a balloon … one balloon because he is “going into the first grade.” And, as my luck would have it, the exit I needed to take was closed today so as any mother (who was trying to make her child happy) would do, I used the “Authorized Vehicles Only” turn-around to get off on the next closest exit. I’m pretty sure I would have been considered “Authorized” today, right? Continue reading

separation anxiety

A really good friend of mine recently¬†shared her daughter’s bout with separation anxiety. I witnessed it first-hand, actually. We participated in a March of Dimes walk this past Saturday and as soon as sweet little Maya looked at me, she quickly turned into her mom’s knees and shoved her head directly in between. I promised her I wouldn’t take her picture, but apparently, that wasn’t the real issue. She didn’t want to think for one second her mom was going to walk away from her and leave her with *gasp* me! Continue reading

a brand new ending

It’s time.

It’s time that I introduce you to my new site; my new chapter. I wrote a (likely too long) summary of what I’m doing here. I have to be honest … I’m equal parts scared and excited to share this journey that is otherwise known as my life.

I have so many things I want to share. First, though, I just want to talk to the kid that makes me get out of bed every day. Continue reading