a special sunday

Yesterday included, as per usual, 24 hours. I just broke it down and that’s 1,440 minutes. Whoa. Side note: When someone says, ‘just take each minute … one at a time,’ I’m going to politely ask them to shut up because there are far too many in a day to think anything crazy like that. The nice thing about yesterday though, is that I wasn’t rushed for any but about 45 of those minutes (as I was racing around trying to get to church on time for band practice). That leaves 1,395 (yay, math!) minutes to enjoy on a given Sunday. But, just like any other day, it’s not about the minutes. It’s about the moments. See what I did there? Continue reading

uncle harry’s sunset


[67.375] for harry

south haven, march 8, 2013

Last Friday was a really rough day. I woke with a caffeine headache (of course!) and the knowledge that my Uncle Harry had opted out of further intervention to heal his failing body. I left work early to get some rest and in anticipation of that call. I was laying on the couch when my mom called and let me know that he had decided to go home at 4:20 in the afternoon on the same day when previously his dad was born, and his older sister was buried.

The sun was beaming in my window; it was warm and beautiful and I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to go watch the sunset. I took my camera in the hopes that it would live up to what I’d hoped and as I sat there through tears and smiles thinking of that mischievous guy, I snapped a few photos. I sent this one to my cousins and let them both know that they were on my mind and that I watched this gorgeous sun saying goodnight just like Harry had a couple hours earlier. They opted to use the photo for the funeral program (which was a huge honor!). Inside the program was this poem:

Do you know the hour when the sun goes down is a beautiful time of day, when your task is done and the shadows fall and your worries are laid away?

Well, it’s just as true that the close of life can a beautiful sunset be, every task well done, let the shadows fall, there’s no fear of eternity. – G. Gilbert

Goodnight, Uncle Harry. Your smile, quick wit, pipe and plaid shirts will never be forgotten by this niece. Thank you for sharing that final sunset with me.

the colors of fall


The very best part about this tour was that I’d never seen an inch of it before.

inexpensive therapy

a little bit country

seeing red


closer to home


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

– Robert Frost


wordless wednesday

Words are coming soon; I’ve felt at odds with my thoughts this week but I’m working through it. In the meantime, I wanted to share another perspective on the same beautiful sunset from Sunday evening. I realized far too late in the evening it would be spectacular so I just got in the car and drove until I found a clearing. So, this is somewhere between where I live and the big lake. Sometimes, taking a detour is totally worth it.