diy: what some might call “ruining wood”

My awesome brother-in-law (I’ve talked about him before) had a dresser he’d purchased a year or two ago at a garage sale because it was real wood, beautiful and cheap. I needed a dresser. I saw the dresser he had stored in his barn and it looked sad … like it needed a home … in my bedroom. Continue reading

finding a home for the animals


Kids have lots of … stuff. I found myself in need of something to store his books, but also his assortment of animals. The kid loves stuffed animals. He tends to pick four faves that sleep with him at night. That doesn’t leave much room for him which, strangely enough, is why I think he frequently winds up in bed with mom or dad. Continue reading

something old, something new

So, there’s this new little site called Pinterest. Have you heard of it?

Although its likely a silly question, I promise I’ll invite you if you’re not a member. The advent of what is now the third-largest social media blew my mind. I’m not even kidding. I think I love Pinterest (and the ‘Pin It’ button now prominently displayed on my browser’s toolbar). Continue reading