a quiet sunday afternoon (in pictures)


Well, I guess I should first clarify that our Sunday activity was the antithesis of quiet. We found ourselves at THUNDER JAM NATIONALS (and yes, you have to shout it otherwise it’s not as impactful) this past Sunday alongside a host of other truck-loving little ones.


who doesn’t love spiderman?


racing + jumping over cars = cool


jet-propelled quad thingy


transforming robots …


who battle …


and the good guy always wins


chicks can jump over cars, too


the real star of the show

Overall, just over two hours of good, clean (and loud) entertainment. And for anyone who may be curious, I did not attempt any of these stunts on the way home.

HELLO, my name is

We’re all given a name at birth, right? I (fortunately or otherwise) was given the name Staci. No, it is not short for Anastasia. And yes, it is spelled with an “i”. I did learn in a very brief InterWeb search that my name is Greek in origin and means “Resurrection” (which is awesome and makes all kinds of sense) and that its most popular year was 1973 … many, many years before my birth.

But, aside from that very strange pique in self-confidence we all get when we hear our name and that very awkward feeling we get when we have to write it on those silly stickers at an event, how much can we really identify with our name? In my opinion, it ultimately takes a back seat to all of the other labels we might be given throughout our lives. Continue reading

potential career option

Or … why I think racing derby cars may be what I was born to do.

Exhibit 1 (with play-by-play)

car rounds corner

car lifts off the track

car lifts even higher off the track

car starts its descent

car returns to track

car goes on its merry way

Exhibit 2 (with play-by-play)

7-11 car rounds corner and lifts off the track

7-11 car turns completely to its side

7-11 car flips from its side to its top and over in the opposite direction

7-11 car returns to the track

7-11 car goes on its merry way

I should also add that the 7-11 car (Connor’s favorite, by the way) won the entire event and a $200 bonus for performing a complete flip … and going along on its merry way.

I think my driving history and daring personality make this line of work a definite possibility.