grace from above

I had every good intention of posting Sunday night. It was going to be about sunsets.

See, we celebrated with our pastor and his family Sunday as they said farewell. It was an amazing service filled with worship and love and memories. As God would have it, the sunset Sunday night was nothing short of spectacular. I was driving for much of the period that the sky transitioned out of daylight and stopped at several points to snap photos because it was I ran into fields caked with snow and I know Connor was like, ‘that mom, she’s a crazy one.’ But Connor, my little insightful boy, sunsets are symbolic of farewells.  Continue reading

another 365

2013 is over. The memories; painful, wonderful or otherwise, are now forever etched in time. I was thankful my travels took me to Holland yesterday. Full of awe, I looked at the channel and likened this past year to the frozen waters stretching across. The moments of this past year are now frozen … just there, unable to move or be changed. However, and maybe thankfully, what lies ahead is wide open. Ansel Adams was quoted as saying, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” I would suggest you do the same with each of the days you have ahead. Don’t take each one as it comes, make your days; make whatever will be frozen from this point forward something something incredible.


how can i keep from singing?

I’ve mentioned that I feel really fortunate to be a part of my church’s band. We’re small, but we’ve gelled over time and have been able to share our love for music with others and, hopefully, haven’t left them too disappointed. I’ve also mentioned how it hasn’t been the same since we lost one of our favorite members, Paul, back in April. It’s honestly been very difficult to keep going without him because often, I will hear his voice (or his broken g-string). There are a few songs that only take a moment to get going before I can hear him in the background. And I’m honestly hoping it remains that way forever.  Continue reading

musical monday

Sometime ago, one of my coworkers dubbed the first day of our week “musical Monday.” Since I love music (but not Monday so much), I wanted to share my newest jam. Oh yes, I said I have a jam. Connor enjoys it as well, actually. He said it’s his second favorite song next to Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling.” Continue reading

the best worst things

Anyone who is old enough to remember can recount what his or her day looked like exactly twelve years ago today. I read and heard stories from others throughout the day doing just that … a friend feeling as though all he needed to do was to get to his soon-to-be fiancée to hold her tight and a teacher having to maintain her composure all day at school because she wasn’t able to talk with students about what had happened. Others just simply shared words of encouragement or of thoughtful remembrance. It was one of the worst days. Continue reading

significant events


It was funny. I read the 40th day in my devotional this morning and I thought, ‘how cool? i’ve made it through 40 days. that’s pretty significant, right? yay to the me.’

It’s not that 40 is ever really defined as a significant value, but it is repeated in the Bible a few times, e.g. raining for 40 days and 40 nights, Moses sitting on Mt. Sinai for 40 days and 40 nights; and it’s commonly referred to as the number of times someone has to engage in an activity for it to be a habit … hence that ‘yay to the me.’ comment. Continue reading

clear sense of direction

I still remember thumbing through my parents’ atlas as a young traveler. When we would make the long hike to Florida, I would study it for hours (because what else are you going to do in a van for 20 hours (or more) besides fight with your sister or play foot races on the ceiling with one of your bffs? true stories.) always knowing what state we were in, what town we might hit next and where I’d like to travel when I grew up.  Continue reading

things that are temporary


As I get, ahem, older, I guess I’m realizing there are certain things that really are fleeting. You may recall I just got my hairs cut not that long ago. Well, not that long ago is ten weeks now and actually, in really big news, I made an appointment the last time I was in and will be getting more hairs cut … tomorrow.

I think logically, I knew that my hair would start to grow again but taking that step to really make a change was so hard. I might have also shared that my hair is a security blanket of sorts so it’s tough to part with something so cozy; although this 90-degree weather is making me completely appreciate shorter hair. Yuk.

Anyway, this isn’t all about hair. I mean it is, but it isn’t. The point is, I’ve learned to let go of some of those fears and anxieties over things that are not going to matter a hill of beans ten years from now. Short hair now? It can be down to the ground by then. Kid want a mohawk? Eh, it’ll grow back. Besides, I’ve never seen him so thoroughly explain exactly how he wanted his hair to look and smile so widely afterward. So for that reason (and that one alone!), I’m glad Connor looks like Mr. T. (old A-Team reference thanks to his dad).

[194.365] poser

still freaking adorable

freedom isn’t free

One more celebration of our nation’s independence is in the books. I blogged about oohing and aahing over several fireworks displays and enjoying a small-town parade. But, it was a conversation I had with an old friend today that reminded me again about why freedom is worth celebrating.  Continue reading